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Kane Smith utilizes MediaPhoenix CRM and reports, “I have successfully recruited six new individuals within the previous month!”.

Pat Crook has successfully uploaded his leads into the MediaPhoenix CRM and reports, “I am consistently generating 3-5 appointments per day by utilizing the included marketing campaigns and communicating through text messages.”

Robin Bravo shared great news: Thanks to your ‘Thank You for Business’ campaign, I’ve paid for your software for the next two years. Thank you!"


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Baron Pope Says... ​

According to Baron Pope having unlimited funnels and contacts allowed Colby to cancel unnecessary services that were costing over $500 per month. This resulted in a yearly savings of $6,000.

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MediaPhoenix CRM is equipped with esteemed Growth Platform

Our software enables business growth & efficient calendar management in a professional manner.

MediaPhoenix CRM Guide

This guide provides assistance in setting up your CRM efficiently.

Replace Yourself Kit

Discover our CRM to automating your business, complete with helpful worksheets & shortcuts.


This training will demonstrate the steps to quickly set up your new account.

MediaPhoenix CRM Training

A comprehensive guide to everything MediaPhoenix CRM can offer you!

Social Media Integration

Seamlessly connect and share across platforms with our social media integration.

Revive Dead Lead Systems

This training will teach you how to revive inactive leads.

Direct Mail Fast Track

Reach your customers through their physical mailbox to make a lasting impression.

Facebook Free Leads Funnels

Transform your personal Facebook profile into a lead generation machine!

We offer Fully Automated Funnels and Follow-Up Campaigns.

Leverage the Power of CRM to Develop
Your List and Acquire New Customers!

We offer free, complete marketing snapshots for easy import into your new MediaPhoenix CRM Account. These marketing snapshots include professionally designed funnels, pre-written emails, scheduled text messages, ringless voicemails, sales pipelines, and more.

What should I do if I don’t know how to set all of this up?

No problem! Our Growth Experts will assist you in setting up your account to promote your business growth. MediaPhoenix CRM is fully customizable to suit your unique business needs. Once you complete the onboarding process, you’ll receive an invitation to a private, complimentary call with your assigned Growth Expert. They will guide you through the process of setting up your account. It’s as straightforward as that!

Roger Broad Says...​

“Thanks to the increase in referrals from your ‘Thank You for Business Campaign,’ I’ve prepaid for your software for the next two years. Thank you!”

Our Users Are Raving About

“I am extremely grateful for the amazing support staff. They were patient with me as I learned MediaPhoenix CRM, and now my business runs completely on automation. Thanks a lot!” – Kim Crawley

“The availability of unlimited funnels and contacts enabled me to conveniently terminate subscriptions worth over $500 per month for various services that I no longer required. As a result, I managed to save approximately $6,000 annually.” – Cole
“I highly recommend this platform for its effective marketing and excellent support, especially if you’re not tech-savvy. They go above and beyond to assist, support, and coach you in achieving success in your business. This platform comes highly recommended!” – Adam

“Customer service is efficient and prompt. The MediaPhoenix CRM software is user-friendly and effective. It is recommended.” – Fred Clarke

MediaPhoenix CRM is NOT going to...

Ignore your Concerns, Overcharge you, Nickel-and-dime you, or Leave you feeling unsupported.

MediaPhoenix CRM is Packed with Features:

World-Class Support, Better than the Rest

Capable of Being Your Business in a Box..

“MediaPhoenix CRM is a versatile tool for individuals seeking lead generation, marketing management, communication with potential clients, and sales closure. It is considered highly user-friendly and effective, based on my experience using various CRMs since starting my first business in 2010. It caters to users of all levels, from beginners to long-time CRM users.” – Jimmy.

World-Class Support, Better than the Rest

MediaPhoenix CRM integrates seamlessly with your existing website, enabling organized lead management. It offers facilities like automated emails, text messages, and even ringless voicemails, allowing you to focus on the tasks that require your attention. Our platform is compatible with Zapier and also provides an API for enhanced customization. This enables you to integrate our system into your current setup effectively while utilizing all the tools available within MediaPhoenix CRM.

MediaPhoenix CRM All Features

What Can MediaPhoenix CRM Do ?

CRM Exclusive Features:

Team Management :

Automation :

Email Marketing :

Marketing :

Branding :

Phone System :

Social Media Marketing :

Data Optimization and Organization:

Expert Help :




Frequently Asked Questions

Nope, our software is designed to empower users without them having a strong design or tech background. Our templates and drag-and-drop editor make it easy to create professional-looking websites and marketing materials.
Yes, you can use your own domain with MediaPhoenix. Check out our training resources to learn how to set this up.
Yes, we offer a range of training and onboarding resources to help you get started with our software. Check out our Help Center for tutorials, guides, and other resources.
After a grace period of 7 days where we keep your account archived, yes, you will lose your work. It’s important to note that resuming your membership does not renew your access to the Lifetime MediaPhoenix Family discount.
We take regular backups of your data to ensure that your information is safe in the event of a system failure or other issue. If you need to recover lost data, contact our support team for assistance.
We currently offer one plan, the Agency Pro account, which includes all of our features and tools. If you’re looking to scale beyond this, we’re happy to discuss custom solutions with you.
You own your data, and we take data security very seriously at MediaPhoenix. We store your data in a secure, encrypted format, and implement multiple layers of data protection and validation.
No, MediaPhoenix is a cloud-based platform, so you don’t need to worry about hosting or managing servers. Everything is taken care of for you.
Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time to access additional features and capacity. Contact our support team to learn more.
Yes, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of our plans. If you’re not satisfied with our software, simply let us know within 30 days of signing up and we’ll issue a full refund.
You can reach out to our support team at We’re here to help you with any questions or issues you may have.

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