Five influencer marketing trends in 2022

1- The new phenomenon of live shopping

Live Shopping is essentially a new kind of influencer marketing. These are live videos, which are videos produced in real-time that combine the presentation of items or services with entertainment, similar to teleshopping.

Although not all of the options are technically accessible yet, firms such as Carrefour, Fnac-Darty, Cdiscount, Sephora, and others have already hurried to employ this strategy.

Ideal for e-merchants, Live Shopping is also a strategy supplied to influencers, but when used in conjunction with influencers, this feature is extremely effective at providing a novel shopping experience and increasing sales.

2- Influencers’ new tools

Social networks are adding new features all the time, but the most recent ones are focused on influencers.

Aside from new publication formats such as Shorts and Reels, social media platforms provide new professional tools for generating additional revenue.

We may discuss the construction of Instagram/Facebook stores, Instagram badges that are actually paid memberships to follow an influencer like on Twitch, integrated affiliate programs, and connected markets to discover partnerships like on TikTok.

3- NFTs

(Non-Fungible Tokens) are a type of token that should be considered by 2022. This is a complex and sophisticated idea that employs blockchain technology and is similar to cryptocurrencies, but keep in mind that NFTs are a new potential source of revenue for influencers.

TikTok recognized the importance of NFTs and launched TikTok Own the Moment in September to encourage users to use them on the site.The public values the influencer more than his own brand on the social network.

As a result, NFTs can help an influencer market their posts to their followers. A TikTok video, an Instagram post, a YouTube video, and so on… NFT technology certifies all of this as original, making the content marketed as one-of-a-kind.

4- Metaverse and virtual reality

Snapchat is the uncontested leader in virtual reality; the social media platform has been developing in this sector since its beginnings, and it sees a bright future for technology in the realm of e-commerce. Users may view virtual things in their houses and even dress up in virtual attire thanks to this function.

5- TikTok, the King

TikTok has become a veritable tidal wave in 2021, with 3 billion downloads and 689 million monthly active members globally.The network’s key benefit is its algorithm, which allows anybody to be easily visible and reach a huge audience rapidly. TikTok’s profile growth continues to be outstanding.

Today’s competition is fierce, and marketers are still unfamiliar with TikTok codes. With the growth of numerous functionalities, the social network has been equipped to fulfill the demands of marketers and influencers (TikTok Fund, partnership with Shopify, integration with connected televisions in the United States…).

TikTok has unveiled three new tools to help influencers grow their revenue streams, including “tips,” which allow fans to reward their favorite producers.

The year 2022 appears to be the year of confirmation. In the future, the social network is projected to have a beautiful evolution and performance.

Advertisers will progressively employ this social network for influencer marketing, boosting influencer inventiveness even more!

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